Congratulations, you have shed those stubborn pounds and are now at a healthy and stable weight. However, you may find that you are left with excess skin and uneven fat deposits that just won’t go away at the gym. Body contouring procedures can help to address these issues for a more comfortable and confident you! We have put together a list of signs that you are ready for body contouring procedures, including:

You can maintain a stable weight

Maintaining a steady weight long-term is important, as significant weight fluctuations can negatively impact your results and may increase your risk for complications. Also, body contouring isn’t meant to be a weight loss procedure, so ideal candidates will be near or at their target weight before surgery.

You are in good health

Individuals who are in overall good health are often good candidates for body contouring after weight loss. It is also important to maintain healthy eating habits so that your body is healthy enough to properly heal and recover.

You have realistic goals

The primary goal of body contouring after weight loss it to remove uncomfortable excess skin. While liposuction can also be added to remove small areas of stubborn fat, this procedure does have some limitations. This is why you should have a clear and realistic understanding of what to expect from your procedure before undergoing surgery.

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