Plastic surgery is more popular than ever before among women in Tampa Bay, FL , which has encouraged them to correct a variety of physical flaws that may make them feel self-conscious. One procedure, in particular, has been growing in popularity – the labiaplasty. The labiaplasty procedure objective is to reduce the size and reshape the labia minora, so it has a more appealing, comfortable appearance.

According to the American Society of Aesthetic Surgery, labiaplasties saw a 50 percent increase in 2014, where over 7,500 women received a vaginal cosmetic improvement. While most of these women are younger, there are numerous women in their 60s undergoing the procedure as well.

Why are women undergoing the procedure?

According to plastic surgeons, women get a labiaplasty for almost only cosmetic reasons. Although there are some rumors that a labiaplasty reduces the frequency of yeast infections and makes sex more pleasurable. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. So if a labiaplasty is solely a cosmetic procedure, why has it been gaining popularity?

The driving factor is everyday things that push women to want to get their labia reshaped and reduced. For instance, the current athletic apparel trend may be contributing to women feeling self-conscious about having a camel toe appearance, especially in tight leggings or yoga pants. Also, the growing popularity of hair removal, such as Brazilian waxing, draws more attention to the vaginal area, so women want to ensure that their vagina looks its best.

As with other popular trends, the more women who get labiaplasties, the more they tell their friends that this procedure exists. It also spreads the word about the outstanding benefits a labiaplasty can offer. We won’t know if labiaplasties will continue to increase in popularity, but if it follows other surgical trends, such as breast augmentations and abdominoplasties, then it’s most likely more women will be seeking this procedure in the near future.