When thinking of plastic surgery, the ears do not usually come to mind. However, those living with protruding or misshapen ears understand the self-consciousness and embarrassment they can cause. Otoplasty surgery in Brandon can correct protruding or misshapen ears so that they are more proportionate to the head. Both children and adults can benefit from this procedure for a boost in confidence.

What to Expect with Otoplasty

The otoplasty procedure is a rather straightforward one and can produce natural-looking results. Because incisions are made on the back surface of the ear, any scarring is not visible when healed. In the case that incisions are made in front of the ear, they are made within the ear fold to hide them. Through these incisions, internal sutures are used to secure cartilage in a new position.

About Recovery

Bandages will be placed on the ears, and pain medication can be used to help with discomfort. Bandages should not be removed unless instructed by your surgeon, as these dressings will help the ears to heal in the proper position. Results from ear surgery are immediately visible, and will only improve with time.

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