Along with approximately $250,000 other gifts and special surprises, Oscar nominees received a controversial plastic surgery procedure called a Vampire Breast Lift. So what exactly is a Vampire Breast Lift?

A Vampire Breast Lift utilizes the human body’s blood (where they derived the term vampire). During the procedure, blood is drawn from a woman, similar to your routine visit to a physician’s office. Then the platelet-rich plasma is separated from the blood and injected back into the breast. According to the founders of Vampire Breast Lift, this treatment causes breast tissue to grow, which provides perkier, youthful results that last for one to two years.

However, experts are saying that there isn’t a published study that suggests this treatment has a positive effect or long-lasting results in the breast. There is also lacking evidence that the entire procedure is safe. Additionally, it may lead to more drooping breasts in the future due to temporary tissue expansion. This expansion increases the skin surface and if this is performed frequently or repeatedly, it may speed up the sagging breasts, as well as cause calcification.

Thankfully, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences are suing Distinctive Assets for their controversial gift bags, (even including sex toys and vaporizer pens). Hopefully the talented nominees will stay clear of the unproven Vampire Breast Lift.