The most common concern when women undergo a breast augmentation with implants in Brandon, Florida, is whether the results will look natural or unnatural. Of course, if you choose a board-certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. Shienbaum, you can be assured that he will go over all your options to achieve the most naturally aesthetic results possible. Your breast enhancement results will greatly depend on several factors, including your physical anatomy, implant size, shape, texture, and type.

How to Achieve a “Natural Look”

In most cases, natural-looking results involve making the breasts more symmetrical and a size proportionate to your body. The augmentation may be subtle or may be dramatic, depending on how you begin your journey. Several factors to consider before getting your breast augmentation include:

  • Slope – breasts having a gentle slope that follow through towards the nipple
  • Nipple – the nipple should be located on the most projected part of the breast
  • Implants – typically implants should appear to have a “tear drop” shape
  • Symmetry – the breasts and cleavage should be at a similar distance as to natural breasts

With careful planning and realistic expectations, natural-looking breast augmentation results are relatively simple to achieve. Most board-certified surgeons recommend using a breast augmentation to enhance your already natural breasts, rather than replace the breast completely.

When selecting breast implants in Lakeland, you should consider your body shape, chest width, height, weight, and daily activities requiring extra exertion, such as exercise. Dr. Shienbaum will walk you through the process, make you comfortable and confident about your breast augmentation choice. In most cases, he will also share before and after photos of patients with results they were satisfied with.

To learn more on how you can achieve a natural appearance from a breast augmentation with implants, contact Brandon Plastic Surgery today!


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