Cosmetic Surgeons offer Botox for their patients. Although used for facial procedures, Botox may also be used in Reconstructive Breast Surgery.  Reconstructive Breast Surgery in Riverview and the surrounding Florida areas may implement this technique. Breast surgery and breast implants in Brandon may include filler injection.

A 2015 study performed by professors at Loma Linda University Medical Center revealed Botox can minimize muscle pain during reconstructive surgery. Patients with expanders noticed less pain when receiving injections of Botox.  Reconstructive surgery in Tampa and the Tampa Bay areas may benefit from dermal injections.

The study offers a new possible trend in plastic surgery. Reconstructive breast Surgery in Lakeland may soon accommodate new options, such as Botox use, for less pain during procedures. Patients can experience more comfort with tissue expanders and other techniques for their cosmetic results.

Plastic surgeons continue to experiment with new trends, technologies, and options in the field. As more studies produce results, patients can choose from more options. Reconstructive breast surgery in Lakeland may soon offer Botox, and other advancements, as they become tested and approved by medical studies.

For more information about plastic surgery trends, information, and procedures, patients can contact Brandon Plastic Surgery. Patients can learn more about surgical techniques with help from Dr. Shienbaum and staff.  They can answer questions, offer advice, and talk about new trends as they emerge in the field of plastic surgery.