Tummy tuck, also called abdominoplasty, is among the most common cosmetic surgeries that are performed in the world today. It has evolved over the years and it has turned to be the most effective procedure used for contouring the midsection. Because of the nature of this procedure, there is some recovery involved. Different factors play an important part in the recovery from the procedure.

These factors include the natural ability of the body to heal, the immune response of your body, the level of activities you undertake after the procedure, and whether you smoke or not. There are different surgical techniques which have been developed and they improve the recovery period while reducing complications. Hereโ€™s what you can expect throughout your recovery process:

The first week

Recovery in the first week is normally the most uncomfortable for the patients who undergo a tummy tuck. The abdomen will be bruised, sore, and swollen. Using Ice packs will help in reducing the swelling and your doctor will prescribe pain medication.

The doctor will also prescribe antibiotics to prevent an infection. The tummy tuck will require a large incision and this will make your body open to infection. It is important that you take the antibiotics at the right time to ensure that you recover faster without the complication of an infection.

Besides abdominal binders and bandages, the doctor may use abdominal drains as well. This can allow the extra fluid to be taken away from the body so that the healing can continue without any problem.

Second week

During the second week, the pain will reduce and the bruising starts to fade. The swelling will also start to reduce but it will still exist for several more weeks. By this time, the stitches will be removed and you will need to change the bandages or clean the incision area as it was instructed. The compression garment should be worn as often as possible during the recovery process. Luckily, be week two, youโ€™ll likely be feeling well enough to return to work and your other daily activities.

To learn more about the tummy tuck and what to expect during your recovery process, contact our office and schedule your consultation with Dr. Shienbaum.