How Long Does a Mommy Makeover Take?

How long the mommy makeover will take depends on the type of procedures that you wish to undergo. How many procedures you want to get will impact how long you will be on the surgical table. There are different procedures that may be performed within mommy makeover. You may decide to get a breast reduction and breast augmentation together with liposuction or tummy tuck. When you visit a qualified surgeon for your consultation, you will talk together and come up with the right procedures to have depending on the goals you have in mind.

How long the procedure should take

Most women will want to optimize the time they spend in the operating room. With the mommy makeover, the procedures may be bundled together and they may be done in four to six hours depending on which procedures are being done. Most surgeons will not want to go over six hours. If the procedure is expected to take longer than this time, your surgeon will likely recommend splitting up the procedures.

How long the recovery should take

After the procedure, some women may also be concerned about how long they will need to recover. It is important to have enough time to rest and to be stress free after the surgery. The surgeon can prescribe medication that will relieve the discomfort and post-surgery pain. Before getting the surgery, it is important to discuss the details of the recovery and the expectations you have with the surgeon.

With a mommy makeover, many plastic surgery procedures are performed at once so there will be a single time to recover. Because multiple areas of the body will be healing, you can expect the first week of the procedure to be the hardest. Even though everybody has a different body and heals differently, you should have at least 6 weeks set aside for recovering from your mommy makeover procedure.

To better understand how much time you’ll need off from your mommy makeover procedure, contact our office and schedule your consultation with Dr. Shienbaum.


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