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Back Roll Removal

The primary cause of back rolls and hip rolls, also known as “love handles,” is a combination of excess fat, skin laxity, and fibrous skin attachments. When there is too much fat retention the excess skin and adipose tissue will appear to overhang and drape downward. The position shape and size of these overhanging fat rolls are determined by the tight fibrous dermal skin attachments which create the underlying creases. In severe cases these skin attachments create a cascading waterfall effect where the multiple fat rolls seemingly pour over each other. During his 360 Lipo procedure, Dr. Shienbaum will remove the excess fat, tighten the skin, and carefully release the offending fibrous skin attachments until a smooth back contour is achieved.

Bra Roll Removal

The posterior bra rolls which appear just above and below the back bra line can be a constant source of frustration. The offending back fat can be found in the upper mid back of both men and women and is stubbornly resistant to most forms of exercise and diet. This upper back fat can be successfully removed by careful and thorough circumferential liposuction. Any fibrous band adhesions will require release and skin tightening by RFAL BodyTite may be needed to address residual skin sag.


Dr. Shienbaum and his staff are amazing and so caring! I was so pleased with my results and how quickly I felt back to normal! Would recommend to anyone!”

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Bra Bulge

Bra Bulge or “Bra Overhang” refers to excess fat found just in front of the armpit crease and which protrudes from behind the bra edge. If there is no associated sagging excess skin this condition can typically be treated successfully with fine cannula liposuction. Otherwise, additional skin tightening with Inmode BodyTite radiofrequency may be required to achieve a smooth result.

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Bra Roll Surgery

Surgical bra roll excision is reserved for severe cases of excess back fat and sagging skin. Typically, patients who have undergone weight loss surgery and or have achieved a significant degree of weight loss are suitable candidates. Because the procedure leaves a visible upper back scar, it is most suited for women who can conceal the incision in the bra line. Other forms of body lift procedures may afford alternative options and be able to address sagging and lax skin in other areas of the body.


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