The most popular cosmetic procedure since 2006, the breast augmentation, has helped millions of women improve not only the shape of their body but they self-confidence as well. But can breast implants help your career? In simple terms, the answer is most likely “no,” but the benefits for breast augmentation in Brandon, FL, can be extended so much so that it offers a career boost you weren’t expecting from a cosmetic procedure.

Careers Where Appearance Matters

If you are interested in a career with a high-profile image, such as modeling or acting, don’t make the breast augmentation plunge because you feel obligated to. While some famous individuals have benefited from breast augmentation, like Pamela Anderson or Carmen Electra, it may actual be poor for some professions. For example, runway models should not seek breast augmentation since designers look for tall, slender frames that fit well with the clothes and looks excellent on the runway. However, if your modeling or acting career is mainly focused on men’s media, such as Playboy or Spike TV, you may see that enhancement benefits your career instead of impedes.

Corporate Jobs and Breast Augmentation

There are a few things to consider if you work a steady, 9 to 5 job when thinking about breast enhancement. The cost of breast augmentation is not covered by insurance, and may be extensive. Fortunately, Dr. Shienbaum near Lakeland, FL, offers financing services for those who are unable to afford the procedure.

You should consider the recovery time of breast augmentation, which generally lasts up to two weeks. Also, if complications arise, you may have to take more time off of work then initially expected. Additionally, make sure you have appropriate clothes that work well with your new breasts, especially in a conservative corporate environment.

Leaving the All Natural Look

No matter your career, if you are considering breast implants near Riverview, FL, make sure to choose carefully implant sizes and shapes that produce a natural appearance. During your consultation, Dr. Shienbaum helps you decide implants that best complement your figure, instead of overwhelming it. Also, he will aide in the incision locations and placement of the breast implants for the best results. It’s always important to be entirely honest with your surgeon for your particular cosmetic desires.

Breast Augmentation and Self-Confidence

Finally, breast augmentation can significantly boost your confidence levels. For those who are unhappy with their appearance, breast augmentation may make the difference in satisfaction with the new look. This boost in self-confidence may extend to her daily life, including her career. Increased confidence directly relates to positive job performance and even promotion opportunities.

While increasing your breast size and improving the shape may push you up the career ladder, breast augmentation is a decision that should be made on a personal level, instead of a professional one. Although it is not guaranteed to help your job performance, an improvement in self-confidence can help in most aspects of life.