The number of surgeons choosing to use Acellular Dermal Matrix (ADM) to assist with implant based breast reconstruction is rising not only in Tampa Bay Area, but across the United States. Since its introduction in 1994, ADM has been used as a soft tissue replacement. Several doctors that have shown studies about its usage have reported that there are favorable outcomes and the rapid early expansion has led to enhanced cosmetic results.

An online data collection study from a group of 361 surgeons showed that 84.2% made use of ADM in regular breast reconstruction and 79.7% in their radiated patients as well. However, 81.5% surgeons did not prefer the use of ADM for nipple reconstruction.

As per the research study, almost 95% of the surgeons used drains and 87.8% used antibiotics post-surgery.

Despite a higher risk of seromas and infection, a number of surgeons have realized that the ADM assisted tissue expander breast reconstructions seem to resist the effects of radiation better than the standard tissue expander reconstructions.

ADM is a soft tissue matrix graft that offers a scaffold upon and within which a patientโ€™s cells can repopulate. Its usage has been demonstrated in numerous reconstructive procedures throughout Brandon, FL, specifically in abdominal wall, burns and breast reconstruction. The use of ADM in breast reconstruction is being explored actively and it is certain to evolve as new studies and literature becomes available.

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