Only  the  Hourglass   Tummy  Tuck    looks  Sexy   from  any  Angle
The  curvaceous    results    are  achieved  by   combining  a   Tummy  Tuck +    360  Lipo  and   BBL
  You look your best both coming and going!


A tummy tuck is a popular procedure to create a flatter and more athletic-looking abdominal area, reducing excess skin and tightening the abdominal muscles. However, this procedure does not meet the aesthetic goals of all patients. Increasingly, plastic surgery patients are interested in creating an hourglass shape. In this case, Dr. Shienbaum’s hourglass tummy tuck is a better option. This procedure combines popular plastic surgeries to create a feminine, flattering silhouette. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about the hourglass tummy tuck or call Brandon Plastic Surgery to schedule your consultation.



Will a Tummy Tuck Give You an Hourglass Figure?

Not all tummy tucks are capable of creating an hourglass figure. Most traditional or mini tummy tucks will focus on the abdominal area alone, reducing excess skin and stubborn fat in the area. However, this does not typically change much about the flanks, hips, or other areas that may contribute to an hourglass silhouette. Patients looking for these results should pursue an hourglass tummy tuck, which combines traditional tummy tuck techniques with liposculpture and Brazilian butt lift to create the desired hourglass shape.

Does a Tummy Tuck Make Your Waist Smaller?

A traditional tummy tuck will not make your waist smaller. Instead, it focuses on removing sagging, excess skin from the stomach area. In an hourglass tummy tuck, however, liposuction is used to remove excess fat from the flanks to create a smaller waist.

What Does an Hourglass Tummy Tuck Consist Of?

An hourglass tummy tuck is a combination of a traditional tummy tuck with liposculpture and Brazilian butt lift techniques. This involves tightening the abdominal muscles to repair damage and separation as well as removing excess skin and fat from the abdominal area. In addition, Dr. Shienbaum will remove fat from areas such as the flanks to sculpt a smaller waist. Finally, the removed fat is processed and purified so it may be injected into the buttocks to create a lifted and rounded shape. In combining these techniques, patients can enjoy an hourglass shape with a small, defined waist, flat abdomen area, and curvy, feminine hips and buttocks.



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