Dentistry and Plastic Surgery, although seemingly very different, may include some similarities. Brandon Plastic Surgery offers facelifts for tighter skin appearance. Dr. Saylor, at The Healthy Dentist, offers tooth whitening, crowns, and dental implants. How are these options similar? Read on to learn how facelifts and dentistry can overlap:

  1. Limits Aging Effects

With time and use, the teeth begin to yellow or color. Tooth enamel can wear down and create an undesirable yellow hue. Also, as we age, wrinkles form around the face. Wrinkles form from repeated muscle use – smiling, laughing, or from the wear down of Collagen, the skin’s plumping ingredient. Whitening can minimize the visual effects of tooth age; face lifts minimize the effects of skin age. Both procedures minimize facial signs of aging to create a more desirable appearance.

  1. Limits Erosion

As teeth age, tooth enamel can erode, leaving cavities and cracks in the teeth. As skin ages, collagen breaks down leaving lines and cracks in the skin. While crowns and dentures cover erosion, facelift injections like Botox, Juvederm, and Restylane also minimize lines and creases in the skin.

  1. Creates Facial Profile

Finally, some patients chose dentistry to correct overbites and under bites. In addition to causing pain or discomfort – bites can affect jaw and mouth appearance. By correcting these overbites, dentistry offers patients a more defined jaw profile. A liquid facelift, likewise, offers more defined facial profiles and shaped appearance. Dermal fillers alter volume and skin appearance for patients’ facial profile.

Both liquid facelifts and cosmetic dentistry can limit the signs of aging, minimize erosion, and can create a more desirable facial profile. Patients interested in learning more can call (813) 681-5709 for a consultation at Brandon Plastic Surgery.