In Brandon, Florida, surgeons offer new procedures and cosmetic options. A new non-invasive treatment, known as Kybella, was approved by the FDA. Kybella as one cosmetic option, offers patients alternatives to fat treatment in Tampa. What does the procedure involve? Read on for additional facts and figures:

The Procedure

Kybella, a deoxycholic acid solution, is injected into the chin or neck area. The solution affects fat cells in the chin. Cells are removed – the appearance of “double chin” or submental fat is minimized. Double chin removal in the Riverview area is an option for patients. Sources predict the solution may also be injected in other areas. These areas have yet to be tested or FDA approved.

The Candidates

Both men and women will be eligible for treatment. Candidates of Kybella in Lakeland should have elastic skin and some fat around the chin. Although Kybella may remove the appearance of moderate double chins, other facial procedures may be required for more noticeable results. Patients may choose Kybella as a non-invasive technique in the Tampa area.

The Results

After completed studies, Kybella minimized the appearance of fat and tissue around the chin. Patients of Kybella can expect bruising and swelling after an appointment. Patients may also notice a numbing sensation, red coloration, and hardening around the chin. These symptoms fade over time.

The Release Date

Kythera Biopharmaceuticals Inc. plans to release treatment before 2016. Patients may opt for chin treatment in a few months. For more information about the product, new procedures, and other information patients can contact Brandon Plastic Surgery. Dr. Shienbaum and staff can answer questions, concerns, and help patients determine if a procedure is right for them.