Although we may seem to think that aging is a quick change that you only notice after examining features in the mirror or someone mentions something about a facial characteristic, aging is extremely gradual when it comes to skin.

Aging of the skin, specifically of the face, generally begins in your late 20s, with the formation of sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and brown spots. Then moving into your 30s, you may begin to lose volume and vital building structures that will cause fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin.

Younger generations are taking this into consideration and turning to non-surgical injectable treatments in Tampa to avoid, prevent, and slow down the aging process.

Look Naturally Younger

Sun protection is extremely important in avoiding the effects of aging. Daily use of a UVA/UVB protector with SPF 30 or higher helps prevent discoloration and maintain a smoother, glowing complexion. Sunblock works to stall any changes in texture. The main three things to consider when it comes to sun protection include: wearing it every day, reapply every 2 to 3 hours, and use the dual UVA and UVB protection.

Fillers & Injectables

Our skin naturally begins to decrease production of natural collagen and elasticity, leading to hollow features due to lost volume, making you look older than you really are. Dermal Fillers in Brandon, FL, help add volume back to these areas of concern, or facial fat grafting for longer-lasting youthful results.

It’s important to find an experienced injector near Lakeview to find a solution between home remedies and surgical procedures. Fillers and injectables may have a poor reputation with celebrities and the media promoting overdone – overfilled appearances. However, with a certified injector, injectables can give a very natural improvement without changes your naturally beautiful features.

Natural Results

In most cases of reputable plastic surgeon’s offices, their goal is to shed years off your appearance without making you look or feel like someone else. The point of receiving these treatments at an earlier age is to prevent or slow down the aging process. It’s just important to make the patient feel good about their look when they are out in public or carrying out every day activities.

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