The Restoration of Volume, Reduction of Skin Laxity and Long Lasting Results

Patients who have undergone lipo transfer for hand rejuvenation have been satisfied or very satisfied with the results. During a research study, 22 women with a mean age of 56 years were evaluated after lipo modeling.

Patients examined their own results and were also examined via serial photographs.

The lipo transfer is done via 6 surgical accesses with a 16-gauge needle. Accesses are made at the wrist (1) and at the interphalangeal folds (5) allowing fat transfer to the ulnar and radial aspects of the fingers.

Post-surgery, patients are advised to keep their hands elevated and avoid any manual activities for a week. A Reston foam pad dressing is used on both hands to provide protection while still allowing mobility. This dressing is usually removed after 10 days.

According to the research, all of the patients didn’t mind the dressing and tolerated it well. However, all the patients experienced edema after their surgeries, but this resolved on its own within 15 days.

Other than one patient who had neutral satisfaction level, all patients were satisfied with their results.

Keep in mind that it is very common that any rings you previously had may not fit after your lipo modeling. However, with these amazing results, most patients overlooked this inconvenience.

Although there may be slight complications involved, this technique ensures positive aesthetic results.