The Healthy Dentist’s Dr. Saylor recently partnered with neighboring practice Brandon Plastic Surgery; patients can now connect dentistry with their cosmetic desires. Some of the Healthy Dentist’s patients visit the dentist office for whiter or brighter smiles. Patients also visit Brandon Plastic Surgery for skin rejuvenation and smoother or tighter skin. When patients visit both offices, they can experience the following results:

  1. New Smile

Patients can first choose The Healthy Dentist for an aesthetically pleasing smile. Patients can choose between whitening, straightening, and other procedures for their teeth; they can leave the office with a whiter, brighter smile.

  1. New Skin

Patients can also choose Brandon Plastic Surgery. Dr. Shienbaum and staff work to eliminate wrinkles, folds, or skin discoloration around the mouth. Skin can be treated with different procedures for a variety of effects.

  1. New Look

Patients choosing both cosmetic dentistry and cosmetic rejuvenation can experience an entirely new mouth and face appearance. The two practices, in combination, can offer whitening for the teeth and wrinkle reduction for skin.

Those interested in learning more about The Healthy Dentist and Brandon Plastic Surgery can call ahead for a consultation. During a consultation at either The Healthy Dentist, or Brandon Plastic Surgery, patients may learn about dental cosmetics, facial rejuvenation, and about practice combinations. Patients can call Brandon Plastic Surgery at (813) 681-5709 for a consultation; during a consultation, Dr. Shienbaum can answer patients’ questions, concerns, and risks associated with cosmetic procedures