Celebrities have always had a significant impact on how we see ourselves, even if it’s only subconscious. Although we all wish that celebrities were famous for their intelligence and portrayed character, being famous is not as difficult as it used to be.

It’s very common, and even natural, for individuals across the United States, including Brandon, FL, to look at celebrities for the latest trends, fashion, interests, and life advice. This draws speculation, specifically to the young Kylie Jenner and her no-secret lip enhancements. It has led to younger individuals believing that cosmetic surgery or non-invasive procedures before the age of 20 is desirable or even necessary.

Asking Yourself Why Plastic Surgery?

Even with non-surgical treatments, such as dermal fillers, every patient should ask themselves the question, “Why am I doing this?” Is it because of a celebrity influence? Is it because someone else told you it was a great idea? There are many factors. When very young patients come in looking for lip injections, board-certified plastic surgeons typically provide a precise and meticulous result, but should this service be offered to someone who may not need it?

The Kylie Jenner Trend

In teenage years, it’s difficult to have self-acceptance, but it’s also easy to look to others for guidance in many aspects of life. There is a large teenage population that look to Kylie Jenner for advice, but there may be a major misunderstanding of lip augmentation that’s passed to her fans. She primarily relates to an age group that is sensitive of body image and may have more influence than expected, leading to people doing things that may not be right for them.

The Importance of Emotional Maturity and Plastic Surgery

For most board-certified plastic surgeons, including Dr. Shienbaum near Lakeland, FL, the best candidates for plastic surgery (even injectables and fillers) are those who have worked towards their aesthetic goals naturally, and do their research on the changes they desire. Emotional maturity is also a primary factor, since these procedures make changes to your overall appearance. It’s important to understand what fits within the patient’s expectations, and when a teenager wants to combat facial aging, it certainly leads to a question of, “Why is this necessary?”