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What Is Subfascial Breast Augmentation?

Subfascial breast augmentation is a unique breast enhancement procedure offered by Brandon Plastic Surgery in the Tampa Bay Area.    The procedure places breast implants beneath the muscular fascia – the fibrous tissue layer which covers the chest muscles.  This technique has many distinct advantages over traditional breast augmentation.



What are the advantages of Subfascial Breast Augmentation?

  1. Natural looking
  2. Immediate results
  3. Less pain & discomfort
  4. No muscular deformities
  5. Quick recovery
  6. Less  downtime
  7. Enhanced  Projection
  8. Greater Cleavage
  9. Less   Future   Revisions
  10. Decreased   complication rate

Natural   Looking

Full and natural results are immediately apparent without waiting for the muscle to relax and the implants to drop and settle.   Because the implants are not bound down and flattened by the muscle there is enhanced cleavage and greater breast projection.  The results are instant without the need for constrictive ace wraps message or implant displacement exercises.




Immediate Results

Sub-fascial implants are instantly in the correct position.  There is no need for a constrictive breast strap or band to keep the implants from riding up.  This initial high-riding appearance, of Sub muscular placement, is the result of the implants being held and restrained by the muscle, this often takes weeks or months to completely settle out. With the Subfascial technique, there is no waiting for the muscle to relax and the implants to settle into their final position.


Dr. Shienbaum and his staff are amazing and so caring! I was so pleased with my results and how quickly I felt back to normal! Would recommend to anyone!”

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Less Pain  &  Discomfort

Sub-fascial augmentation has minimal pain as compared to the submuscular technique which requires, elevation, cauterization and stretching of the muscle fibers of the rib cage. This muscle manipulation produces painful and distorting muscle spasms.  The Sub-fascial technique does not involve muscle manipulation and requires no intubation.  narcotics or opioids.  Many of our Lakeland Fl patients report that any post op discomfort is typically controlled by Tylenol alone.

Quicker Recovery & Less Downtime 

Sub-facial requires a delicate dissection of the firm fibrous layer covering the chest musculature.  Because there is no muscular injury or displacement the procedure is far less invasive. and painful.  Full recovery from submuscular breast augmentation usually takes between three and nine weeks. With a Sub-fascial breast augmentation, many of our Riverview Fl patients are able to resume arm movements after 1-2 days.

 More Breast Cleavage & Projection

With the Sub-muscular approach, the strong muscle insertion to the breast bone (sternum) limits the ability to place the implants close together and achieve maximum cleavage.  This same tight musculature also flattens and displaces the breast implants laterally toward the armpit. .  The Sub facial technique allows for immediate full projection and optimum cleavage as there are no restrictive muscle fibers to flatten the implant.

Less  Capsular Contracture

Several long-term studies have shown that Subfascial breast augmentation appears to have an extremely low capsular contracture rate. This procedure does not violate the breast ducts, which may be the reason why the capsular contraction rates are lower than sub glandular breast augmentation.: Subfascial breast augmentation provides the benefits of low contracture rates while avoiding the discomfort and animation deformities of submuscular augmentation.


Decreased Complication Rate

Because the implants are placed under the fascia (and not the constantly contracting and moving pectoralis musculature) there is no active implant displacement, superior migration, or asymmetrical muscular distortion.  Gone are the   embarrassing deformities and  visible implant movements seen with upper body workouts and chest exercises

No General Anesthesia

Unlike traditional breast augmentation, Sub-fascial augmentation does not require general anesthesia with intubation. Our Subfascial breast augmentations are performed under IV twilight sedation with a board-certified  MD anesthesiologist in our ultra-modern state-accredited surgical facility located in Brandon Florida.

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Less Future Revisions

Over time submuscular augmentations develop many muscle contraction–induced deformities including varying degrees of malposition, lateral migration, widened cleavage, upward high-riding implant displacement, asymmetrical shapes, muscle tension lines, and contour irregularities. Unsightly animation deformities are most severe in patients who exercise regularly and have strong, chest musculature.  Many patients are never informed of this possibility preoperatively and assume this to be an inevitable result. of having breast implants. In our experience, there is a high likelihood that a future operation will be necessary to correct the implant displacement and malposition associated with all subpectoral augmentations.


Sub-Facial Augmentation:  Are you a Candidate?

The sub-fascial augmentation with its internal bra-like support is our most popular breast procedure in the entire Tampa Bay region. This is due to its natural & immediate results minimal discomfort and rapid recovery. , Each patient however must be individually evaluated to determine if the sub-fascial approach is the correct technique for their unique anatomy. A detailed evaluation and assessment by our surgeons are critical to ensure that this unique procedure is your most appropriate and beneficial breast enhancement option.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sub Glandular Augmentation?

Sub glandular augmentations is the surgical placement of breast implants above the pectoral muscles. This differs from Subfascial breast augmentation where the implants are positioned on top of the pectoral muscle but under the supportive fascia.

What is the Sub facial Augmentation Inner Bra?

The “Internal Bra” refers to the tough and resilient fascial layer which protects and supports the breast implants in a Subfascial breast augmentation

What are high riding breast implants?

High-riding implants are associated with Submuscular breast augmentation and occur when the implants are held in an abnormally high and unnatural position by the contracted chest muscles

What is Animation Deformity?

Animation deformity is associated with Sub muscular breast augmentation. It occurs when muscles temporarily displace breast implants to abnormal positions on the chest wall. Active woman with subpectoral implants who regularly exercise and work out frequently experience distorted movements of their implants with any flexing activity of their chest muscles.

What are the benefits of Submuscular Augmentation?

Subpectoral implant placement decreases superior pole palpability and visible rippling by increasing the soft-tissue implant cover. This benefit comes at the price of muscle contraction–induced deformities.

What are the risks of Submuscular Augmentation?

Muscle induced irregularities and deformities, including wide and separated cleavage, asymmetries, implant migration and movement, activity distorted muscle tension lines, breast contour deformities, and upward implant displacement that often create a waterfall breast deformity with pseudoptosis.

Are Sub facial breast implants better than Sub muscular?

Sub muscular augmentations, are less predictable than subfascial augmentations, because of muscle induced contracture deformities that require frequent reoperations.

What does “under the muscle” breast implants mean?

In most submuscular breast implants the muscle covers only the top 1/3 to 1/2 of the breast implants. This occurs because the surgery involves cutting and detaching the muscle from the rib cage. Once cut, the pectoralis muscles retract several inches upward. This leaves the bottom half of the breast implants with little support and only breast and fatty tissue coverage.

How Does Subfascial Breast Augmentation Work?

Subfascial breast augmentation is similar to traditional breast augmentation except that the implants are placed under the fascia layer covering of the chest muscles . This tough fibrous fascial layer serves to protect, conceal and support the underlying breast implants much like an internal brassiere,

Can other procedures be performed with Sub facial breast augmentation?

Sub-fascial breast augmentations are often combined with other plastic surgery procedures to give patients several improvements with one. surgery. Popular options offered by Brandon Plastic Surgery include the Hourglass Tummy Tuck -, 360 Lipo - . BBL and Mommy Makeover procedures.

Can Fat Grafting or Mesh be combined with Sub-facial breast augmentation?

Both absorbable mesh support and fat grafting can be combined with Sub-facial breast augmentation. These will simultaneously provide additional internal support as well as restore breast volume and contour.

What are the three planes available for placing breast implants in breast augmentation?

For a breast augmentation, the first two planes are the traditional submuscular and subglandular planes. Now SubFascial breast augmentation is becoming increasingly utilized due to superior risk profile and results

In a sub fascial breast augmentation, underneath which fascia is the breast implant placed?

In a sub fascial breast augmentation, the implant is placed underneath the Fascia of the Pectoralis Major muscle

Will I have to wear a breast band after a sub fascial breast augmentation?

Typically, with sub fascial breast augmentation, there is no need to wear a breast band post operatively, as there is no muscle stopping the implant from descending into its natural pocket

What kind of scars will I have after a sub fascial breast augmentation?

The incisions for breast augmentations are placed in natural creases to hide them. Patients have a 4-5cm scar in the crease on the underside of their breast, also called the inframammary fold

After a sub fascial breast augmentation, Will breast implants interfere with physical activities?

After a sub fascial breast augmentation, In the long term, breast implants do not affect movement, strength or physical activities

What size breast implants should I get for my sub fascial breast augmentation?

The size of implants you choose depends on a number of factors, including your ultimate appearance goals and your individual frame. Just as the same bra or even a T-shirt may fit different individuals completely differently according to their chest size and shape, the same size implant may look completely different from patient to patient. During the consultation the implant size and placement will be carefully chosen to fit each patient individually.

Is there a chance that I may lose sensation in my nipple after breast augmentation?

The chance of losing nipple sensation is quite low after a sub fascial breast augmentation, estimated to be around 1%

Can a sagging breast be “lifted” with placement of a breast implant?

Most breasts will be “lifted” at least moderately with the placement of a breast implant. The degree to which this happens is quite variable and depends mostly on the individual characteristics and stretch of a woman’s skin and the size of the implant that’s placed.

When Can I Take a Shower After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

After Breast Augmentation Surgery , You may shower 24 hours after surgery, but it is advisable to wait 48 hours to prevent wetting the incision area. After 24 hours, you may remove the dressings except for any skin tapes or steri-strips covering the incisions. Any stitches or steri-strips can be gently washed over and will eventually fall out on their own. Be sure to shower, not bathe for the first two weeks following your procedure. You should also take care to blot dry your breasts and the incision area with a clean towel after they get wet.

When Can I Take a Bath After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

After Breast Augmentation Surgery , It is recommended to avoid bathing for at least three weeks after the surgery. This is to allow the skin at the incision to become waterproof again

When Can I Go to the Pool or Beach After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

After Breast Augmentation Surgery , It is recommended to avoid all bodies of water, including swimming pools, hot tubs, oceans, lakes, etc. for at least three weeks after the surgery. This is to allow the skin at the incision to become waterproof again

What are the risks of Breast Augmentation Surgery?

While most women are very pleased with their results, just like any other surgical procedure, there are some potential risks involved with breast augmentation including:nnCapsular contracture. Occasionally, scar tissue around the implant forms and hardens. It can cause the breast to feel firm, and change the shape of the breast. It may also be painful. Sub Fascial technique has the lowest rate of capsular contracture nnLoss of feeling in the nipples or breast tissue due to nerve damage. Often this is temporary, but it may be permanent in some women. nnnChanges in the implant. Normal activity or an injury to the breast can damage the implant, causing it to leak, deflate, or rupture. Over time, the implant may harden, develop ripples, shift position, or change shape. nnInfection (not common). This can occur at any time, but it typically occurs during the first week after surgery. In some cases of infection, the implant may have to be removed for several months and then replaced. nnBlood collection under the skin, or hematoma (uncommon). nnAbnormal scarring (uncommon).

What is the recovery process like After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast augmentation is a one-hour surgery. You will return home the same day. It is recommended to be up and walking around the house that afternoon or evening. For a desk job, most patients can return to work in 48 hours. We want you back to the gym for cardio in three weeks. For weight training; yoga training; or any sort of course, training, or strengthening exercises that involves the chest muscles (such as bench pressing), we recommend waiting six weeks.

What is the effect of smoking and vaping on Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Nicotine causes the tiny blood vessels in your body to clamp down. When they do, healing wounds don’t get enough blood flow. If you smoke around the time of surgery, you have a significantly increased risk of wound-healing problems and infections associated with the surgery period. Because of this, we require all of our patients to be nicotine-free for four weeks before the surgery and for six weeks after the surgery.

Do breast implants affect breastfeeding After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

After Breast Augmentation Surgery, you should be able to breastfeed normally after your breast augmentation surgery.

Does pregnancy affect breast implants?

Hormones of pregnancy, combined with the weight fluctuations of pregnancy, will cause your breasts to potentially increase significantly in size. When those hormones go away, the breast tissue may or may not shrink down, depending upon your skin elasticity. If it does, then you should continue to have a fantastic result from your breast augmentation.

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