The FDA has issued a warning that injectables, which claims to improve the uneven skin tone, lighten your complexion or even clear up those blemishes, could contain potentially harmful ingredients and even contaminants.

None of the injectable products used for skin lightening or whitening have been approved by the FDA.

The use of these products could cause safety risks to patients, since you are injecting something in your body when you are not sure of its contents or how it was produced. Any unsafe or improper injecting practices could lead to transmission of diseases, infections and even serious injuries.

These injectable products are meant to be used under your skin, into a muscle or vein and are easily available at health spas and retail outlets in Tampa and Tampa Bay area. ย There are several online companies which market these injectables promoting whitening; the FDA is concerned that these products and their ingredients could cause potential harm to its users.

These products could contain some ingredients which contain Vitamin C, glutathione, collagen or even human placenta.

In September of 2014, several unapproved and incorrectly labeled drugs were seized by US Marshals from the offices of Flawless Beauty, LLC. Earlier in the year, the company had already recalled unapproved drugs. Despite the recall, they continued to market and distribute these unapproved drugs and this prompted the enforced action from the federal authorities.

It is essential that as a consumer, patients in Lakeland and Riverview are cautious when purchasing products online that offer exaggerated claims about their efficacy and safety. The FDA is also concerned about non-injectable products, like bleaching agents, which contain ammoniated mercury.

It is best to consult your dermatologist or healthcare professional before making any purchases. If you are in Brandon, you can check for skin enhancement products at