If you’re considering undergoing a Liposuction procedure, then you might have heard something about fat transfer techniques. That’s because fat transfer can be a great option to augment areas that have lost volume at the same time as your fat removal procedure. This technique can be highly beneficial as an all-in-one procedure to remove fat from where you don’t want it and relocate it to where you do want it. Here are some options you have available to you.

Breast Augmentation

This alternative to implants can be beneficial to patients who want natural results that don’t require any maintenance or large incisions. Although there’s some loss of volume over time as some of the fat cells are absorbed, the results are long-lasting because it’s your own, natural fat that augments the breasts. There can be complications with this, however, so be sure to voice any concerns with Dr. Shienbaum first.

Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian butt lift procedure is one of the most popular fat transfer procedures being performed and might be the first thing you think of when considering fat transfer. Achieving a well-proportioned and projecting buttock profile isn’t easy, especially when it can be mostly due to genetics. Nevertheless, a Brazilian butt lift can give long-term, effective results versus implants. As with breast augmentation, however, some volume can be lost over time.

Face and Hands

Some of the first areas to show signs of aging are the face and hands, where wrinkles and sagging can be caused by a loss of volume. As a natural alternative to dermal fillers, fat transfer can take a decade or two off your facial profile. The most common areas treated are the cheeks, nasolabial area, and lips. Hands can also benefit when tendons and veins become visible because of a loss of volume.

There are many benefits of fat transfer techniques, especially when coupled with a Liposuction procedure. Consider putting your fat to use where you want enhancement and contact our office to schedule a consultation with double board certified, top plastic surgeon Dr. Sheinbaum.


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