Star - Liposuction



Patient Star had Vaser Lipo in her mid-section and thighs, as well as transferring some fat tissue to her buttocks. With Dr. Shienbaum’s help, Star is now motivated to continue taking care of her body.

“Just go out and do it,” she says. “It’s a great motivator. It’ll help get you started.”

“I’ve never had a curve in my back,” Star said about herself pre-procedure. “For as long as I could remember, I was just skinny and then all of the sudden I just got bigger.”

Star had been considering making a change since high school, and ten years later was still thinking about taking the step. She said it was something she did for herself.

“I love Dr. Shienbaum– he’s very straightforward. He wants you to meet him halfway,” said Star. Before the procedure, Dr. Shienbaum encouraged Star to do crunches and keep focused on her health instead of just performing a “quick fix” procedure.

“I’ve already recommended him to several people who have asked me,” she said.

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