Alfredia - Brazilian Butt Lift



Alfredia went to Dr. Shienbaum for a Butt Lift and to get work done on her abdomen and arms.

“I have a nice little butt going on now,” she said about the results. “My stomach is flat, my arms are tightening up much better,  the booty… it looks good.”

Not only did Alfredia note how the procedure affected her shape, but also her perspective about clothing and how things fit.

“Now I can wear my underwear without the extra butt on the top. (The extra butt, I call it),” she said. “My pants look better now. I don’t have to worry about trying to find shirts (to cover all the extra that’s hanging out). I can wear all the nice summer dresses.”

When asked about Dr. Shienbaum, Alfredia noted his professionalism.

“He tells you everything,” she said. “Explains everything to you, [and]  follows up with you. If you have any complaints or concerns he’ll talk to [you] right then and there.”

“I really enjoy him,” she added. “I keep coming back if I need more.”

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