Stacy - Breast Augmentation



“Most people don’t even know that I have had them done, ever,” Stacy said about her breast augmentation. “Even with a bathing suit– nobody ever notices.”

Stacy reported that post-surgery, she now wears medium-large sizes as opposed to small. The recovery time did not pose a problem to her.

“It was very easy, very minimal downtime,” she said. “I had my surgery on a Friday [and] I went back work Monday.”

About Dr. Shienbaum, Stacy said, “He asks what are your concerns, what would [you] like to see, what would you [like to] improve on.”

“He’s done this for many, many, many years,” she added, “so he knows the ins and outs of things and how to fix things. I trust him, because I know he’s done it for so long. So that’s why I decided to come back for a second procedure.”