Karen - Liposuction



With help from Dr. Shienbaum, Karen had Liposuction performed on her waist and thighs. She also had fat transferred to her butt and cheeks.

“It’s amazing,” she said about her results. “Just to look at myself and see the difference. It’s not just a difference, it’s a massive difference.”

Karen, age 44, chose the surgery because she felt it was time for a change. Now, when she wakes up and gets ready in the morning, she feels different about her image.

“Just the feeling of bending and this blob is not there,” she noted about her waist area.

Dr. Shienbaum’s personality and attitude about the process also suited Karen. She felt that he was a good choice for her as a surgeon.

“He’s so laid back and real. Like, he gets it. He’s as proud of my butt as I am; that it was done like that.”