Eileen - Breast Augmentation



“You could just tell there was just something about him,” said Eileen about Dr. Shienbaum. “You know he’s been doing it for forever.”

Eileen felt comfortable with Dr. Shienbaum and decided to get her breasts done. Eileen had been referenced by her girlfriend’s mom to see him for her procedure.

“It’s that feeling comfortable,” she said, “and knowing that he takes pride in what he does. You know that he wants to make sure you look your best.”

Eileen also noted that his opinion helped her get a better picture of herself, besides just the things she wanted to address. She noted that she, and others, don’t always have a perfect image of themselves and it’s best to get another opinion.

“I think it’s worth it,” she said about her breast augmentation and plastic surgery in general. “When you go to the right people who give you comfort in what you’re doing… I say you just can’t go wrong with it.”


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