Autumn - Brazilian Butt Lift



“There are two kinds of butts. They go this way, and then they go this way,” Autumn said, explaining the difference between flat and curvy contours. She noted that, like her father, she had a curvy, but flat shaped contour.

“And as I got older,” she said, “it just kept getting flatter, no matter how many squats I did.” Her lower rear was muscle, but the top was always flat.

Before choosing Dr. Shienbaum to help her with her shape, Autumn researched his credentials. She looked at before and after photos and found that the results she saw seemed to have the least amount of scaring in comparison to other surgeons.

“There’s no question about it,” she said about Dr. Shienbaum. “He listens and he absorbs what you’re saying. He reiterates back to you what you’re asking for, and then you’re like ‘yeah he gets it’. I had a confidence with him that I didn’t have with the other doctors – that everything was going to be okay.”

“My expectations were totally fulfilled,” she said about her experience before humorously noting Dr. Shienbaum is the Michael Angelo of the human body.