Jill - Abdominoplasty



With help from Dr. Shienbaum, Jill had Liposuction and an abdominoplasty. After having two kids, she had reached a weight of 210 lbs and felt unable to lose it on her own.

“I am so excited and I cannot tell you how excited I am to put clothes on and not to feel this massive roll,” she said about her results. “It’s just great.”

Jill noted that after her surgery, she received compliments about her waist and her appearance.

She also found herself complimenting things in herself.

“Each day I think of those different things,” she noted. “I can shop for that, I can wear that.”

Jill also complimented Dr. Shienbaum’s approach to the surgical process.

“He’s not just doing this, he’s doing it for the long term,” she said. “[He’s] restarting your life. Giving it to you to take care of. Not just the plastic surgery part of it. Now you are in charge of your body– you take care of it.”

The recovery from her surgery also left Jill happy with her decision.

“It was faster than I thought it was going to be– faster than a c-section. I was in the office about 9 days after the surgery.”