Luci - Breast Augmentation


Luci had a breast augmentation, waist Liposuction, and neck Liposuction with help from Dr. Shienbaum.

“No matter how much working out I did, there was always that trouble area from having kids early that had never went away,” she said. “I feel like now it’s gone down a lot.”

Luci noted that she noticed a difference in her self-confidence and how the changes made a difference for her.

“It’s like this is the gateway to helping improve myself even more,” she said. “[It]  gives you that push to say, you know, I’m not just doing it for me. I’m doing it for him.”

By “him,” Luci referenced Dr. Shienbaum.

“He put the time and hard work into… you know. He believed in me– that I could look my best. To be like, you know what? If he believes I can, I really can.”

Before choosing Shienbaum, Luci researched information online. She looked at other patients’ pictures and heard from some references.

“I knew I had made a good decision when I got to the hospital where I was having it done,” she said. “The nurse asked what I was doing and who my doctor was.  She had said that she had seen some of the best results turned out from his operating rooms. That I had made a really good choice really helped put me at ease.”

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