Clementine - Tummy Tuck



“I just love it. I just love everything,” said Clementine about her tummy tuck.

“I’ve never owned a two-piece before, but I wanted everybody to see I could wear one regardless of what they think,” she said. “I had it on and I looked fabulous. In January I’m going to Jamaica. I got my bathing suits and my little see-through cover-ups. I don’t want to cover it up.”

Clementine noted that she was originally worried about her age, and her ability to bounce back after surgery. But, post surgery she noted the healing process went smoothly.

“I’m telling you,” she said, “about two days after you’re home [and] you start changing your bandages you look in the mirror and see– of course you’re going to be a little swollen. You’ll just see your waistline and it’s tiny and you know it’s swollen.  But all I can think about [is] what’s it going to look like when you start healing.”

When Clementine healed, she noted the results of her procedure.

“I’m telling you, the flatness…” she said about her tummy. “I can wear something… out in a two-piece bikini. I look great now.”