Ashley - Liposuction



“I had surgery last Friday with Dr. Shienbaum and it has been amazing,” said Ashley about her Vaser Lipo Procedure.

Ashley had considered Coolsculpting, a non-anesthesia procedure that cools fat cells,  but ultimately chose Vaser Liposuction.

“I’m so glad I did it,” she said. “I was deciding between having Vaser Lipo and Coolsculpting and I’m really glad I went with Vaser Lipo because I feel like he really took the time to actually sculpt my body the way that I needed to be sculpted.”

Ashley also noted that she was not sure if Coolsculpting would have provided her the same results in the same time frame of four days. Ashley also noted specific considerations in deciding on a surgeon.

“I remember my first consultation,” she said, “and I remember Dr. Shienbaum showing me all these pictures and telling me, you know, giving me an estimate of what he thinks is realistic for my body.”

When talking about the kind of surgeon she looked for, Ashley noted that attributes like a comfortable personality, a caring attitude, and a history in the field were important.

“You obviously want [to] go with someone who’s been doing this a long time,” she said, referring to Shienbaum, “and he’s been doing it a very long time. You can also tell he surrounds himself and makes sure he hires people who take pride in what they do as well.”

“The customer service experience alone is what really sold me,” she noted. “I’m choosing him and I didn’t look anywhere else.”

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