Margie - Abdominoplasty



Margie chose to have an abdominoplasty, Liposuction, and fat transfer to get her desired body shape. With Dr. Shienbaum’s help, Margie went from a size 8 to a size 4.

“I love it, and I have no complaints whatsoever,” she said about her results. “Nor does anyone else I know! Except, maybe, that I look better than they do!”

With the changes to her body shape, Margie noted that she feels more confident and good about her body.

“I can’t say enough about everything,” she said.

Margie also mentioned a few things about Dr. Shienbaum.

“He’s very up front. Even if you think you need something else, he lets you know in a professional way.”

Dr. Shienbaum gave Margie more options to consider during her consultation. She noted that he was not just trying to make her happy, but making her understand exactly what methods would achieve results.

“Now that I’m all done,” she said, “I’m 110% thankful that he was the one who got this all done.”