Gale - Liposuction



Gale chose a Vaser Liposuction procedure to address her underarms, knees, inner thighs, and waist area. With help from Dr. Shienbaum’s procedure, Gale has dropped at least two sizes.

“I needed my things taken in,” she said. “I can get in a size 6 pant. Before, I was a size 12.”

Of all the changes she chose to make, Gale noted she was happy with one area in particular.

“The part I like most is the waist,” she said. “It was up to my expectation. I feel less self-conscious now– I enjoy my body and myself.”

Gale also noted she was happy with the way Dr. Shienbaum went about the consultation.

“He let me make my decision,” she said. “He asked me why I want to do it.”

Instead of feeling “like a number,” Gale mentioned that she was being treated as a patient should. She selected Dr. Shienbaum as her surgeon because he made her decide if the method was right for her.

“I felt comfortable,” she said. “I wasn’t afraid. I felt I was in good hands.”

Her feelings about her surgery and her doctor were summed up in one of her ending statements.

“It was a good decision for me.”

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