Vathosia - Liposuction



Vathosia had liposuction to her back, thighs, and stomach, with injections in her buttocks.

“I was worried at first, but once I came over here and met him, he made me just feel comfortable,” she said about Dr. Shienbaum.

She noted that Dr. Shienbaum was a nice man and that she felt confident in his abilities and that he was going to do a good job.

“It’s a big difference,” she said about her results. “It went from no butt to now… I do have a butt back there.”

The changes she noticed included the changes to her “fat rolls,” smaller sides, and her girls’ reactions.  Vathosia’s girls would ask her “let me see your butt” almost every day.

“They’re the only ones who see my butt every day,” Vathosia added.