Cheryl - Mommy Makeover



“Everybody noticed it right away,” Cheryl said about her tummy tuck and augmentation. “Even with the swelling, everybody noticed instantly.”

They noticed her waist was slimmer and that her breasts were more enhanced. She noticed she was still turning heads when she walked by.

“It looks good,” she said. “ I like my side profile and I like my back profile. I have a picture of me walking on the beach and you can see the hourglass.”

“They keep calling me– their mom– the Barbie doll,” she said about her kids.

Cheryl said she is glad for what Dr. Shienbaum did. She noted that it was not necessarily his technique that she liked most, but rather his bedside manners and care towards his patients.

“I felt you cared every week,” she said to him. “You make no more money for me to come see you every week. I felt like I was special and you made me feel special.  I’m like, okay this is where you need to go, because I’m sure he’s this way with everybody.”


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