Patient Videos

In Tampa, Florida, Dr. Shienbaum performs Liposuction procedures for patients with different desires. Some patients choose Liposuction for weight loss methods, or to alter the appearance of their looks.
“[I had] Liposuction on my abdomen, flanks, inner and outer thighs, knees, and a Brazilian butt lift,” said one
“My clothes fit me better,” she noted. “Even my kids said: ‘Wow, your body looks so much better now.'”
Liposuction can be applied to many problem areas. The procedure is commonly used by plastic surgeons to contour areas of the body. Liposuction can also help with weight loss goals; when exercise fails to remove resistant fat, Liposuction can help patients see results.
“There is no more spare tire,” another patient said. “It’s awesome that I don’t have to work as hard; I worked so hard and it wouldn’t go away. Now, if I get back into the same routine, it should look like I’m thirty-five.”
After their liposuction procedures, both patients reported more enjoyment with their bodies. Patients can learn more about Liposuction, Dr. Shienbaum’s skill set, and other procedures at his website. In the Tampa Bay, Riverview, and Lakeland, Florida areas, Dr. Shienbaum is a recognized surgeon in his field. Interested patients are encouraged to schedule a consultation to start their journey with plastic surgery.