Patient Videos

A tummy tuck procedure, performed by double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sheinbaum, flattens the stomach and tightens loose skin around the abdominal areas. He has performed many tummy tuck procedures for numerous different patients. A few patients decided to share their results, surgery, and tummy tuck experience under Dr. Sheinbaum’s care.
“I think the profile is slim, you look younger, and it’s amazing,” said one patient about her tummy tuck. “I tell my daughters and my friends: ‘you can bounce a quarter off my stomach.’”
“You couldn’t get this if you were thin. I think it’s one of the best things I ever have. I feel like I cheated, but it had to be done,” she finished.
Another patient commented similarly about her results, “I’ve been so happy with the results of the surgery.”
“I love it, I absolutely love it. I feel so good about myself, I am so happy,” she said. “You have to be happy with yourself if you want to enjoy life.”
When asked about Dr. Sheinbaum, she noted, “I can’t not say enough thanks to Dr. Sheinbaum. My waist is nice and trim. I am very pleased.”
As an expert body contouring Tampa plastic surgeon, Dr. Shienbaum has performed many successful tummy tuck procedures. Extra skin around the stomach, post-pregnancy changes, and bulging areas can be altered and tightened. If you are interested in learning more about a tummy tuck procedure, scheduling a consultation can get you started. Dr. Shienbaum lists information on his website about the procedure and what you can expect.