Patient Videos

In Tampa Bay, Florida, cosmetic surgeons use liquid facelifts for many patients. As one such board certified surgeon, Dr. Sheinbaum rejuvenates the face for many patients in the Brandon and Lakeland, Florida areas. One of his patients, happy with her results, decided to share her liquid facelift experience.
“I had Radiesse here,” she said about Shienbaum’s practice, “and I’m having it done again.”
Radiesse, a dermal filler, is used by Dr. Shienbaum to restore volume to certain areas of the face. The liquid solution is injected into the face during a treatment at the office. The results of treatment vary, depending on each individual patient, but can create a smoother, fuller complexion.
“I think that it’s natural looking,” she said. “You look healthy, [your] skin looks smooth, and you don’t look gaunt.”
In addition to commenting on her procedure, she also shared her opinions about Dr. Shienbuam.
“Dr. Shienbaum is very, very soothing, very calming and very attentive. He gives you his full attention,” she said. “He seems like he really cares and I find that very helpful.”
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