Patient Videos

A cheek enhancement procedure adds volume to the face, sometimes through a fat grafting method. At Brandon Plastic Surgery, of Lakeland, Florida, Dr. Sheinbaum helps patients with their facial desires. Dr. Shienbaum has 30 years of practice in the field of plastic surgery. During that time, many patients have experienced enhancement under his care. One of those patients, asked to share their experience, noted the benefits of her procedure.
“I had my face injected with my own fat, which is pretty awesome. I think it’s awesome. I love it,” she said.
She noted that although she tried alternative methods, like dermal fillers and solution injections, she did not get her desires except through her enhancement procedure.
“I’ve had fillers. They did not work,” she said. “This has really been something for me. [Something] that I think is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.”
In Lakeland, Riverview, Tampa, and the surrounding areas, Dr. Sheinbaum has performed many successful cheek enhancements. On his website, he lists more information about the procedures, his qualifications, and other patient testimonies. You are encouraged to visit and learn more about cheek enhancements and other procedures.