Patient Videos

Butt lifts are one of many procedures performed by Dr. Sheinbaum at his clinic in Tampa Bay, Florida. As a board certified surgeon, Dr. Sheinbaum provides many patients with the looks they desire. Patients come to him because of his great results. After their procedure, these patients talked about their experience with Dr. Shienbaum, and what they liked most about their results.
“I love his vision. I love his results,” said one patient. “If I would do plastic surgery of any type I would come back to him again.”
“I went to other places to get a second opinion, but I came to Dr. Shienbaum and he gave me what I wanted,” said another.
During a butt lift procedure, Dr. Sheinbaum uses state of the art techniques. Some patients opt for a method called “fat transfer” which uses a graft from one area of the body to add more volume to the buttocks.
One patient who opted for the fat transfer technique noted the immediacy of her results. Even though she experienced some swelling after her procedure, her new appearance was noticeable right away. She commented that her mother immediately noticed the difference in her body shape.
In Tampa, Florida, Dr. Shienbaum uses his 30 years of experience to create a tighter, larger, and rounder shape. Patients can learn more about Liposuction, Dr. Shienbaum’s skill set, and other procedures by checking out his website.