Men seeking cosmetic plastic surgery do so for unique and specific concerns. Because such a high value is placed on a youthful and fit appearance, men are finding distinct benefits from these procedures. Common facial treatment procedures include drooping eyelids and fatty jowls, while body contouring addresses love handles and enlarged breasts. (Gynecomastia).

Like most men, you would prefer to keep your surgical rejuvenation private and anonymous. The result and ultimate appearance should compliment your lifestyle. At Brandon Plastic Surgery we focus on the specific needs of our male patients. Who typically seek a quicker recovery with more natural appearing less obvious results.

What is Male Breast Reduction?

Gynecomastia is the name for male breast enlargement. It can affect one or more of your breasts with various degrees of fullness and skin sag. The breasts can enlarge due to excess fatty or glandular tissues and is found in both adolescent and adult males. Puberty, hormonal changes, drugs and various medical conditions may have been known to cause gynecomastia.

At Brandon Plastic Surgery we appreciate the embarrassment and social trauma that this condition can cause. If you are self conscious about your appearance male breast reduction surgery may be of benefit.

What should I expect after my procedure?

Dr Shienbaum has been able to achieve dramatic results with the use of Vaser Ultrasound to melt the underlying breast fat. This contouring and sculpting of the chest is performed through incisions in the underarm and nipple areas to reduce the excess fatty tissues. With specifically fashioned Vaser instruments Dr Shienbaum is able to pierce and smooth the breast gland while liquefying the surrounding fat. . The breast will then naturally reshape to a more natural contour. Often Vaser Lipo is performed sculpt and shape the surrounding chest and back areas. Depending on what techniques Dr. Shienbaum uses, your Tampa procedure may give you different results.

Planning Your Surgery

At Brandon Plastic Surgery we welcome you to a complementary initial consultation. In your initial consultation, you will visit with our professional staff and the Doctor Shienbaum will offer his evaluation and recommendations as the procedure most appropriate for you. . The staff will provide you with the opportunity to view photos of previous patients so that you may better comprehend likely results. If you are in the Lakeland, Brandon, or Riverview areas, we encourage you to call our office and schedule your meeting with Dr. Sheinbaum.