Accessibility Statement

This website utilizes UserWay software to improve accessibility for people with disabilities. Brandon Plastic Surgery and UserWay believe that everyone has a right to live with independence, equality, and dignity, regardless of their ability.


Enabling Accessibility Features

To enable the accessibility menu, click the blue menu icon at the righthand side of the page. After selecting this menu, you may have to wait a moment for the menu to load entirely. Options include screen reader, contrast adjustment, text adjustments such as large text or dyslexia-friendly text, and more.



While we value accessibility in our website, please understand that addressing barriers is an ongoing process. UserWay continues to receive updates to ensure further accessibility, though some content may not be fully adaptable for all users needs. Typically, this is the result of issues having not yet been identified or a suitable solution remaining in development. If you are experiencing issues regarding our accessibility features or find that our site is not suitably accessible for your needs, please feel free to contact Brandon Plastic Surgery directly. Our staff will happily assist you and answer any questions you may have.


We Value Your Feedback

As we continue to make improvements, we value your feedback in website accessibility. If you have any concerns, questions, or constructive comments, feel free to contact Brandon Plastic Surgery with as many specific details as possible. Call our office or send us a message online.


Here For You

To learn more about accessibility or a procedure of interest, contact Brandon Plastic Surgery. Call (813) 359-1075, email, or contact us online.