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Dr. Shienbaum was completely professional and knowledgeable throughout my surgery. He gave me the confidence I needed to proceed with surgery. His skills are exceptional and I would recommend to anybody Dr. Shienbaum, he is a genius!

Written by Anonymous 

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Dr. Shienbaum is one of the best plastic surgeons in Tampa Bay- Brandon Florida. I had my first breast augmentation procedure in 1994 and was very happy with my results. My breasts were so natural looking that six of my friends went to him too. Twenty years later: I went back to Dr. Shienbaum for a breast augmentation seeking the new Silicone Gel Implants. Why go to anyone else when my first experience was exceptional. I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Shienbaum and his entire staff (Patty, Ginny, Chelsea, Laura.) When it’s all said and done you’re not just their patient, you’re family!

Written by Lorrie Ann Swindle

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Dr. Shienbaum is one of the best plastic surgeons in Tampa Bay- Brandon Florida. I had my first breast augmentation procedure in 1994 and was very happy with my results. My breasts were so natural looking that six of my friends went to him too. Twenty years later: I went back to Dr. Shienbaum for a breast augmentation seeking the new Silicone Gel Implants. Why go to anyone else when my first experience was exceptional. I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Shienbaum and his entire staff (Patty, Ginny, Chelsea, Laura.) When it’s all said and done you’re not just their patient, you’re family!

Written by Lorrie Ann Swindle

 Review from Christmas Card

31 Dec 2014

You have been there for me through every up and down in my life for nearly ten years! This time of the year is a time to be grateful for those special people in our lives, but I am grateful for you every day. I just want to thank you for everything. You are a constant source of kindness and caring. You are truly an amazing man! I appreciate everything you do.

Written by A Patient

 A Facebook Review

30 Dec 2014

A great physician and caring individual, with very competent staff! He has helped me remove cancers several times with little pain + positive results!

Written by A Patient

 A Facebook Review

23 Dec 2014

Awesome Physician, Awesome Office!

Written by A Patient

 62 Year Old Botox for Between Brows – Brandon, FL

16 Sep 2014

I have been with Dr. Sheinbaum for almost 30 years. (A very mild meek kind person.) I have had Botox injections continually and breast augmentation twice. My first lasted over 25 years. I am very happy and make an exception to drive an hour to see him as he has my utmost complete trust, and satisfaction.

Written by syviahart

 Most Amazing Doctor Ever!! – Brandon, FL

28 August 2014

I had several procedures done all the same time. I’m so happy, and Dr. Shienbaum is totally an artist. I went in for a consultation not really knowing what I needed to improve, he looks at you and guides you on what will be best for your money and body. I’m so totally happy and my confidence level is so much greater. I actually have people come up to me and tell me how beautiful I am. I’m only a week out healing from the surgery and I look amazing, as I heal even more, it will only get better. Dr. Shienbaum’s bedside manner is most welcome. He will make you feel comfortable and secure about the whole process. I waited to move here before I had any surgery so I could go to Dr. Shienbaum. He is truly amazing!!!

Written by duffydog2

 “A New Lease on Life…” Tampa, FL

12 Jul 2012

Dr. Shienbaum is an artist in the true sense of the word! He looks at the problem area/areas assessing the entire “picture”! I cannot begin to say how very pleased I am with my results. As far as Dr. Shienbaum the person/doctor…his “bedside” manner is impeccable. He is truly a wonderful doctor that cares about the well-being and satisfaction of his patients. I will drive from South Tampa to Brandon for Dr. Shienbaum’s expertise again. I highly recommend anyone considering plastic surgery to do the same!

Written by Lou57

 Amazing Grace…………Brandon, FL

4 Jul 2014

I have had my implants for about 7 years. I have loved them and hated them all at the same time. My choice to remove them was based on gravity and riding horses. As time goes by gravity works against you and riding horses does not help so much either. I went to see two different surgeons before I decided to go with Dr. Shienbaum. He made me feel so comfortable with the removal. I was worried about a large scar and he just told me no need. He took fat from areas in my body that needed extra slimming and placed it in my breast area to make them softer and natural looking. I never expected the result that I have achieved it’s been a week and, WOW! He did an amazing job and his bed side manners are just so sweet and caring. I couldn’t have asked for a better Doctor. Please, if you’re considering anything to do with breast implants, removal or lipo. Make him your number 1, you will not be disappointed.

Written by dancejadi123

 Mommy Makeover August 15th – Tampa, FL

21 Jul 2011

Dr. Sheinbaum is very thorough and gentle. He is a bit older which worried me a bit but once he started talking I was put a total ease, He is not only a Plastic Surgeon he is an artist of the flesh.

Written by Lisa

 Eyelid Surgery Totally Worth It

2 Jul 2010

Wow! What a difference! My eyes look blue again instead of just slits with pupils! At 47, I wanted to refresh. Such a calm presence and talented.

Written by LDS

 Tattoo Removal

14 May 2014

When I was young and whim, I got a tattoo on my wrist. I have regretted it ever since. It is ugly and looks very unprofessional. I researched and tried various ways of having the tattoo removed including laser, sand abrasion, (scrubbing the skin with salt) lemon, and Cryo (freezing the tattoo off). While most offices recommend laser tattoo removal, I have learned that they do not work well on multi-colored/layered tattoos. It seems each individual layer and color of the tattoo has its own wavelength with varying depths which corresponds to specific tattoo pigments that darker colored and black inks can be more completely removed with the laser technique. The laser apparently breaks down the ink particles which are then absorbed by the body. I consulted Dr. Shienbaum who explained to me the benefits of each type of tattoo treatment and that multiple repeated laser treatments would be required for my particular tattoo. After some consideration I opted to have the tattoo such as mine excised surgically in one procedure. I could not have been happier. The incision was placed in a natural crease of my wrist and after just two months it appeared to have the same color as my normal skin. It proved to be an excellent choice for removal in one sitting without the need for recurrent visits, and the potential for discoloration and pigmentation irregularities. The excision now looks like a normal crease line of my wrist and is barely visible. I could not recommend Dr. Shienbaum more highly.

Written by A Patient

 Lipo/Fat Injection

17 Mar 2014

The moment I walked into the office the experience was most pleasurable, I was greeted by the staff. The “whole experience” was one I can say “I don’t remember”; I will explain… I went in for Liposuction/fat injection to the cheeks; no needles/shots etc., a small pill. No Pain, and don’t remember a thing of the whole procedure. But I was able to see the results instantly and was amazed! I work in the Surgical Field and most patients have pain or swelling and I can tell you I had NONE. I was so excited when everyone I work with told me how great I look and how refreshed I was the very next day. I love this and would gladly tell anyone do it for you. Doctor Sheinbaum is on the edge of plastic surgery. I am so happy He explained everything completely and answered questions. I had no fear or reservations going in and was fully amazed by him and his wonderful staff! A many thanks to you all.

Written by Debbie Taylor

 Amazing experience!!

10 May 2014

Dr. Shienbaum and his staff made me feel completely comfortable before, during, and after my surgery. I would definitely recommend Dr. Shienbaum too anyone considering plastic surgery. I couldn’t have had a better experience and I am extremely pleased with my results!

Written by Annie V

 “The results were more than I asked for!”

22 Jan 2014

I met with a previous surgeon who told me that my nose had been so badly broken that he could not even guarantee that it could be fixed and that surgery may actually make it worse. He gave me zero confidence in his care. Dr. Shienbaum was amazing from the moment I met him. He was very confident in the results he could achieve and immediately made me feel more confident in going through with the surgery. The results were more than I could have asked for. He was able to correct the areas I had problems with and make it look that, if I didn’t tell you that I had surgery on my nose you would never know. It looks great but also very natural. I would recommend him to anyone.

Written by A Patient

 Professional Artist with a kind heart

7 Jan 2014

I went to Dr. Sheinbaum because of how he looked on paper. He was experienced and also had a very good rating in his medical review. Once I had my first consultation with him I knew I had found the surgeon I needed. He listens to your needs and wants. He makes you feel so comfortable and confident. He’s gentle in such a professional way that by the day of surgery you’re actually excited for your transformation. I had breast implants, a breast lift and my upper arms lifted. I then went on to have a tummy tuck and upper thigh lift. All my concerns regarding the outcome, pain management, recovery time were handled with kindness and efficiency. The staff is discrete and polite and showed a genuine concern for all your needs before and after surgery. I will be a future patient of Dr. Sheinbaum and would recommend highly.

Written by Renee Schofield

 Face Filler

1 Dec 2013

I have always prided myself on being slim, fit, and trim, but over the past five years I have aged prematurely and my face has become sunken in appearance with deep circles around my eyes and skin literally sagging from my cheekbones. As a teacher for over thirty years I wanted something that would not be obvious to my students. I specifically chose to have something done over the holidays so that I could return to work looking refreshed with no obvious surgical changes. So this Thanksgiving week was perfect. Browsing the internet, I selected Dr. Shienbaum because of his reputation. At my initial consultation I explained my concerns and Dr. Shienbaum was good at explaining my various options. His first choice would have been to use my own fat as a natural filler which would be the most permanent to restore the plumpness and fullness of my cheeks. However, at 91 lbs. and being a size 0 that was not an option for me since I literally had no fat to spare. Therefore Dr. Shienbaum offered an alternative to restore my facial collapse and gaunt appearance – namely injecting a filler called Radiesse. He explained that Radiesse consists of micronized bone particles that he would place deeply along my cheekbones. I was hesitant at first, but Dr. Shienbaum assured me his technique was painless. Oh my goodness!! The results were spectacular! Instantly, my cheeks and face were plump and full and my former cheekbone contours returned, all in 15 minutes with no telltale marks, stitches or bruises. The results are absolutely amazing but best of all my students will never know. I would definitely recommend Dr. Shienbaum and his cheek filler to anyone. He is terrific!

Written by Ksh

 “Dr. Shienbaum took the time…”

2 Nov 2013

I have known Dr. Shienbaum since 1985 when he performed my breast augmentation with fabulous results. Over the years I have gained some weight and after much deliberation and research I finally decided to have liposuction of my waist, thighs, lower legs, and at Dr. Shienbaum’s suggestion, a little fat re-injection to highlight my cheekbones and accentuate my buttocks. My liposuction procedure was one week ago on a Friday morning. I was home by noon, took the weekend off and was back to work on Monday. Already I see a huge improvement in my entire body shape. It is shocking how slim my waistline has become. My cheeks are full from the fat transfer – no need for fillers ever again! Dr. Shienbaum did a great job of enhancing my buttocks too – I now have a firmer, rounder shape – awesome! My legs were my biggest challenge prior to liposuction – heavy thighs with virtually no knees or ankles. I hadn’t read about too many experiences with lower leg calf and ankle liposuction, so I was very hesitant about that portion of the surgery. Dr. Shienbaum took the time to listen to my concerns, addressing each and every issue and explained that these areas would indeed benefit with the Vaser Liposuction technique. I removed the support stockings the other day and was amazed to actually see my knee contours, feel ankle bones and touch my Achilles tendon! These areas were lost to weight gain for a long time. The sculpting Dr. Shienbaum performed has totally reshaped my entire silhouette. The results have had a profound impact on my self-esteem. I feel fabulous! Not only do I look different but I feel different. I am now more conscience than ever of clean eating and have a new found dedication to exercise and staying active. I have made myself a personal vow to maintain the incredible changes to my body from Dr. Shienbaum’s liposuction. I would recommend it to anyone. It was well worth it!

Written by Trish A.

 “I was very confident with my decision…”

22 Jun 2013

I recently underwent a liposuction procedure with Dr. Shienbaum and could not be happier. The Dr. had over 25 years of experience with liposuction. I was very confident with my decision to have surgery. The procedure went smoothly and I am thrilled with the results even though I am not yet fully recovered. Looks like I have to buy an entire new wardrobe. Great Dr. and staff!

Written by Lindsay

 Scar treatment

21 Mar 2014

I received a third degree burn from a motorcycle. This left a large scar that was much discolored, Dr. Shienbaum took such good care of me. He was so wonderful. I wish all doctors could be as great as he is!

Written by KimFel

 Breast Reconstruction

18 Nov 2013

When my yearly mammogram revealed enlarging micro calcifications I underwent a breast biopsy which, sure enough, showed breast cancer. Dr. Shienbaum had performed an excellent breast augmentation years before, and I was extremely pleased with the results. I decided to consult with him. He spent a great deal of time with me explaining my many treatment options especially in regard to my existing breast implants. We finally settled on a skin sparing mastectomy with immediate breast reconstruction. Dr. Shienbaum was nice enough to arrange a meeting with general surgeon who would be performing the mastectomy and personally coordinated everything needed for my entire procedure. I was totally devastated by the thought of having a mastectomy since there is no history of breast cancer in my family and I feel very fortunate in having Dr. Shienbaum’s guidance and years of experience. When I arrived home after the surgery I was delighted to find that instead of a flat mastectomy scar there was already a well-shaped breast mound. Several weeks later I returned to have my permanent silicone implant and a Breast Lift on the opposite breast. What a wonderful outcome – in a bra you would never be able to tell I had any surgery at all! I am so very, very grateful to Dr. Shienbaum for his support throughout this past year with all my surgeries. I am truly delighted and amazed with the outcome of my breast reconstruction and the appearance of both my breasts. I would highly recommend Dr. Shienbaum to anyone.

Written by Trish

 Recommending Dr. Shienbaum

27 August 2008

Soft spoken and kind, Dr. Shienbaum instilled confidence just from my first visit. I followed his advice in choosing my procedures and the results have been amazing. His staff is well trained, friendly and professional and I would highly recommend Dr. Shienbaum and his practice. He also performed a breast augmentation for my daughter eight years ago with excellent results.

Written by Debjtay

 Happy with my new nose!

30 June 2007

I decided to have Rhinoplasty after hating my nose for years. Dr. Sheinbaum did a wonderful job straightening it out and removing the unsightly bump. His staff members were all very helpful and professional. The office wait time was minimal compared to my regular MD. I would highly recommend him to anyone in the Tampa, FL area.

Written by Ench78

 A Local Yahoo User

25 July 2009

After seeing several Breast implant surgeons, I chose Dr. Shienbaum because he was board certified and experienced in placing breast implants through a small underarm incision. I am very happy with my new size and shape and best of all I have no breast scars. I would highly recommend Dr. Shienbaum.

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12 June 2009

Dr. Sheinbaum has to be the best plastic surgeon in the Brandon/Tampa area. He has a wonderful bedside manner and did exactly what I asked for. I had my breast done three years ago and wanted them to look natural. I definitely didn’t want everyone who looked at me to say, “yeah she paid for those”! Dr. Sheinbaum made my breast look so real that people don’t believe me when I tell them they are not natural! I would recommend Dr. Sheinbaum to everyone who is considering plastic surgery of any kinds. He is a Board Certified plastic surgeon who has been practicing plastic surgery for over 25 years! Not some fly by night doctor who jumped on the ban wagon when plastic surgery became popular.

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I had a small lesion removed from my lower lip. I was extremely impressed with how professional Dr. Shienbaum’s office was run. From the moment I entered the door, until my procedure was completed, I was treated by a caring and compassionate staff. I had a wonderful experience and would definitely recommend Dr. Shienbaum to my family and friends.

Written by Denise Frissell