Microdermabrasion relies on a fine diamond wand assisted by vacuum to smooth and resurface the skin. The treatment is painless and you can expect to quickly resume your normal activity. Indicated for rough, discolored, sun damaged skin it will leave you with a more radiant and smoother appearance.

Our Microdermabrasion process is crystal free and invigorates the skin by promoting collagen synthesis. We apply an initial deep cleansing facial, and often follow the Microdermabrasion with a mild peel solution to heighten the effect you leave with a smooth and glowing appearance. Normal activity can typically be resumed with little or no down time.

Chemical Peels

One of our most requested cosmetic procedures: Chemical peels come in a variety of types: superficial, medium, and deep. Our most popular include:

Glycolic Acid Peels: A mild peel, which removes the aging surface cells from the skin’s upper layers. Superficial concentrations of this mild exfoliating peel vary to achieve your desired result, often within 10-15 minutes, hence the “lunchtime peel” description. A fresher, lighter skin tone with smoother texture is often as the result after a series of peels in increasing strength over 1-3 weekly intervals.

TCA Peels: A medium depth peel frosts away mild skin discolorations, superficial wrinkles and corrects pigment problems. The treatments take from 5 to 20 minutes, and there is mild discomfort depending upon the peel solution chosen. In several days, the new skin will be apparent.

PHENOL Peels: A deeper peel for more advanced sun damage, discoloration, and surface irregularities.

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