What are my alternatives to Breast implants?

Tampa area top surgeons offer four alternatives to breast enlargement:

  • Saline ( Salt Water) injection this is a temporary enlargement that currently lasts approximately 48 hrs or until the saltwater is absorbed. Saltwater is directly injected into the breasts producing a temporary plumpness. It is marketed as a “weekend breast augmentation.”
  • Brava Enlargement Device. A special vacuum type bra shaped silicone device applies intermittent suction when worn for several months. Less than a cup size enlargement is typically achieved, and long-term permanency is unclear.
  • Ointments, Pills, and Supplements over the counter steroidal and hormonal derivatives, as well as herbal combinations, promise quick and long lasting breast enhancement but proven data regarding their efficacy is still lacking.
  • Natural Fat Breast Enhancement your natural fat removed during liposuction can be transferred to enlarge and enhance the breasts. Routinely used in breast reconstruction, it is slowly gaining acceptance for cosmetic breast augmentation.

The best breast augmentation surgeon in Tampa Florida

How does one locate the perfect Plastic Surgeon?

Begin with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This is your assurance of a surgeon who must maintain ongoing certification, has up to date training and is governed by a strict code of ethics. Most experienced plastic surgeons in the Tampa, Brandon, and Lakeland region have performed hundreds if not thousands of breast surgeries. Make certain yours has the hospital credentials to perform breast augmentation and offer an abundance of representative photos. Above all, you should thoroughly enjoy your consultation and have the utmost confidence in your chosen surgeon.

What type of warranty do Breast Implants have?

The three major silicone implant manufacturers all offer a ten-year warranty of their implants against leakage and failure. During this period, they will provide free replacement implants and partially cover the surgical cost of replacement. However, problems such as infection, implant exposure, malposition migration, and extrusion are generally not covered. Recently manufacturers have begun covering certain instances of capsular contracture. Defective implants will need to be returned for inspection and verification. Our office will assist with your warranty procedure, and you are always free to contact the manufacturer directly.

What is the most popular breast implant shape?

Most Tampa Bay plastic surgeons favor smooth round implants for cosmetic breast augmentation. This holds true for the entire USA.
Teardrop and contoured implants have been predominantly utilized for breast reconstruction. Breast implants are available in different profiles, widths, and heights. Low and moderate profile implants are wider and have less projection. Moderate plus will have a narrower base and provide more cleavage. High profile implants have the greatest height and provide the maximum cleavage and projection. Your ultimate implant profile will be determined by the dimensions of your chest wall, your breast width, the tightness of your breast tissues, and your desired breast volume.

What is Cost of Breast Implants in the Tampa Bay area?

The cost of breast augmentation in the Tampa Brandon and Lakeland Florida region will typically run between $3500 and $7000 depending on whether you desire silicone saline or contoured implants. The lowest or highest price may not be your best choice, and it is important to verify your surgeons credentials and level of expertise. Before and after photos will help assess your plastic surgeons sense of aesthetic proportion and natural dimensions. Research websites carefully to be certain your surgeon has a longstanding reputation for breast implant surgery and a high degree of patient satisfaction.

Do I need contoured ( tear drop) or round breast implants?

Most plastic surgeons will use round implants for cosmetic breast enhancement. These will naturally assume a teardrop contour while standing and provide upper pole fullness in the sub muscular position. Contoured implants are usually firmer and provide a less natural feel. They are textured ( roughened ) to encourage breast tissue adherence to prevent rotation and odd asymmetry. Textured implants have a history of producing traction rippling, premature failure, and seroma formation.

How long do breast implants last?

Breast implant manufacturers do not recommend changing out implants due to age. There is no expiration date or time limit for breast implants. As long as there are no problems with the breast implants there is no need for replacement. However periodic examinations are recommended to ensure the implants are not leaking or have other issues. Many patients will carry their original implants throughout their entire lifetimes.

Do I want textured or smooth breast implants?

Textured implants have been available in the USA as Siltex ( Mentor) and Biocell ( Allergan) for many years. They have a stiffer feel, a higher leakage rate, show late pseudo capsule & exudes formation, are more palpable and exhibit traction rippling. Many plastic surgeons will use textured breast implants for breast reconstructions and secondary revisions. The smooth round implant remains the overwhelming choice of the majority of Tampa Bay plastic surgeons for breast augmentation.

What is the most natural appearing breast implant position?

Initially, breast implants placed behind the breast tissue “sub glandular “ and above the muscle have the most natural appearance and afford the greatest degree of cleavage. However as the breast tissue thins out over time, the implant edges can become visible. Implants placed under the muscle “ sub muscular “ can initially appear to ride high, are forced wider over time, and exhibit muscular distortions during exercise. Over time, the implants tend to settle in as the muscles soften. Long term the breast tissues can sag down and away from the muscle covered implant.

Will I be able to breastfeed following breast implants?

Most women with normal breast gland and nipple anatomy can breastfeed after breast augmentation. It makes little difference whether the implants are above or below the muscle as in either procedure the critical breast ducts are preserved. Only the peri-areola type incision has the potential for disrupting some oft the breast ducts but even here the ability to breast feed is seldom compromised.

Will I have capsule contracture following breast augmentation?

All breast implants will eventually become surrounded by some type of fibrous tissue capsule. This is the bodies normal reaction to foreign materials. Most often this will keep the implant from drifting while allowing a soft natural feel. Capsular contracture occurs when there is tightening and compression by this fibrous capsule causing an unnatural hardness and distortion of the implant. The exact cause of this contracture remains unclear and controversial.

Will I lose feeling after breast augmentation?

There are several small sensory nerves that arise from beneath the 4th and 5th ribs that run and supply sensation to the nipple and areola region of the breast. Other nerves supply sensation to the remaining areas of the breast mound. During breast implant surgery these nerves can be stretched or damaged resulting in some loss of sensation. The larger the implant, the more space required, the more surgical dissection needed, the more likely that some loss of sensation can occur. Fortunately, this numbness is often of a temporary nature and most breast feeling usually returns given sufficient time.

What are Gummy Bear and Cohesive type silicone breast implants?

Surgeons in the Tampa area provide different implant options for patients. The terms refer to the type of silicone found in the new cohesive and form stable type breast implants. Silicone itself can be made to be solid or liquid or somewhere in between. Cohesive silicone is made with various cross-linked elements that produce a vicious jelly like thickened gel. The gummy bear form stable implant has an even more solid nonflowing consistency and feel. Prior liquid silicone implants while soft would leak or bleed silicone droplets. The new cohesive and form stable silicone are less likely to migrate if the implant shell is compromised.

What breast implant sizes are available?

Implant sizes are measured in cc’s or cubic centimeters. They are labeled according to the volume of silicone they contain. Currently available sizes range from 120 cc’s to 1000 cc’s, and custom sizes can be ordered. Approximately 250 cc’s of volume will correspond to a bra cup size bra increase. Our office offers various trial sizes to allow you to visualize your future results.

How long is my recovery time after breast augmentation?

Implants placed on top of the muscle ( sub-glandular ) have a very short and almost painless recovery. Because the underlying pectorals musculature is unaffected patients can resume their normal lifestyles very quickly with few restrictions. Breast implants placed under the pectoral muscle have a longer recovery time. Lifting and releasing muscle fibers to provide room for the implants is necessary and results in greater discomfort. Muscle tissue is sensitive, and strenuous activation must be delayed. However most patients are encouraged to resume routine daily activates immediately after surgery. Top surgeons in Tampa instill a long-acting local anesthetic during surgery, helping with immediate exercise.

Will pregnancy damage my breast implants?

Pregnancy will not affect the composition and integrity of either your saline or silicone your breast implants. Most breast implant patients look quite fine after their pregnancy. However, the surrounding breast tissue gland and skin may be stretched and distorted by pregnancy. Hormonally induced stretch marks can occur as well as atrophy of natural breast tissue. Occasionally the breasts may sag or droop and may need a breast lift for correction.

How can I tell if my breast implants are leaking?

Saline implants will deflate rapidly if ruptured and will be noticeably smaller. Occasionally an intermittent valve issue or pinhole leak will take longer to notice. The saltwater is naturally absorbed by the body. Silicone implants with cohesive or form stable “gummy bear” may not be immediately identified. There may be no accompanying discomfort or other symptoms. A thorough breast exam or mammogram may raise suspicion. Further ultrasound and MRI studies can confirm rupture or leakage. If you suspect leakage in your implant, your are encouraged to schedule an appointment with your physician in Tampa.

Should Breast Implants Be Placed Under the Muscle?

The majority of breast implants are currently placed beneath the muscle. Doing so has several advantages including the additional tissue coverage that hides the inherent folds and ridges of the underlying implant. Breast mammograms are more easily performed and read, and the muscle provides more support for the implants and a more natural breast contour by smoothing out the upper pole of the breast. There is also the belief that there is less risk of firmness or capsular contracture. The negatives of submuscular implants are a longer and more painful post-operative course, visible muscle animation implant deformities with activity, loss of muscular strength, and upward and lateral displacement of the implants over time.

Will I need a special bra after my breast augmentation?

Most plastic surgeons recommend a firm elastic type sports bra following breast augmentation. The bra should be smooth without protrusions or underwires. A somewhat tighter bra will limit swelling and maintain implant position and support during exercise.
When can I wear an underwire bra after breast augmentation? There would be no problem with an underwire bra if your implants were placed via an underarm or areola approach. However, if an inframammary fold incision was used, then you may want to wait several weeks until the scar matures. An underwire may rub and irritate an early immature scar. An elastic, wire free, support bra is a better choice initially.
Submuscular implants may initially be pushed upward by the tension of the strong pectoral muscles. An underwire bra will resist the implants settling down into their natural position. Wait until your implants are naturally positioned before moving to an underwire bra.
Will I have scars following my breast implant surgery. The most common incisions for breast augmentation surgery are the breast fold (inframammary) the underarm and the periareola (edge of dark areola). The underarm incision is hidden in a normal axillary crease while the natural breast fold conceals the inframammary scar. The periareolar incision is camouflaged by the junction of the darkened texture of the areola. Each of these incisions should fade and become less noticeable over time.

Which breast augmentation incision is best?

The periareolar incision is commonly used for adjusting small nipple height asymmetry in women with larger diameter areola. The underarm incision is best suited for thin-breasted women with small areola who lack a visible inferior breast fold. The inframammary approach is the most common and is ideally suited for the breast that already has some inferior fullness creating a visible breast fold. Incisions tucked within this fold should have minimal visibility.

Will my breast implants show rippling?

Saline implants tend to show the most rippling due to the rapid movement of the salt water and folding of the implant shell. Placing these implants under the muscle helps hide these ripples. As a rule, implant rippling can be minimized by using a thick gel silicone implant which is not wider than the overlying breast mound and concealing it under the chest musculature. This is especially important for very small breasted women with thin skin.

How can I prevent my breast implants from becoming firm and hard?

The formation of a tight fibrous capsule contracture can make your breast implants feel firm or hard. The contracture can form weeks, months or even years after your breast augmentation and may affect one of both breasts. Massage, caffeine avoidance, Vitamin E, ultrasound treatments and Singular or Accolade medications have been tried to prevent hardness. Utilizing these measures may reduce the incidence of capsular contracture.

Can surgery treat breast implant capsular contracture?

During surgery, top surgeons in the Tampa area carefully avoid exposing the implant to bacteria.
The skin is sterilized, prepped and draped. The breast pocket is profusely irrigated with antimicrobial solutions, the implants are soaked in additional antibiotics, only the surgeon handles the implants. There is no lint producing sponges on the surgical field, and the implant is protected from the surrounding skin during implantation. Surgical treatment options include the release or removal of the fibrous capsule, repositioning the implant in a new pocket either below or above the muscle, and switching to a new or different textured or smooth implant.

Should I massage my breast implants after augmentation surgery?

Breast implants placed beneath the chest muscles can be squeezed and displaced upward. These muscles must relax before the implants can fall into their natural position. Moving the implant in a circular motion relaxes and stretches the muscles. The physical displacement of the implants also expands the breast skin to achieve a more natural shape. Many plastic surgeons believe these implant massages with displacement in all directions helps prevent tight capsule formation.

Do I need to replace my implants every ten years?

There is no exact time period in which implants need replacement. Many women have enjoyed their existing breast implants for decades. While the manufacturers must warn you that their products may not last a lifetime. There is little immediate need for removal unless a problem develops. Periodic follow-up with your plastic surgeon, and close monitoring of any changes in your breasts are advised and recommended.