Patient Videos

In plastic surgery, facial rejuvenation resurfaces and plumps facial skin. After a skin treatment, Botox injection, or chemical peel patients can eliminate wrinkles, lines, and marks. As a Riverview, Florida board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Sheinbaum performs these procedures for both women and men.
Male patients may come to a consultation with specific desires. These desires will depend on each patient and their overall goals. Some of Dr. Sheinbaum’s patients decided to share their facial rejuvenation experience with others.
“I didn’t want a twenty-year-old’s face,” one patient noted. “I just wanted to look healthy.”
After his treatment by Dr. Sheinbaum, he noted he was less self-conscious about his face and felt good about his choice.
“I was hoping it would do this,” he said about his results. “I’m really amazed at this state without it sinking back in. My face, it sort of folded over on itself, that’s how bad it was.”
Another patient noted that other people noticed the change after his treatment.
“I had the fillers put in, my daughter noticed [that] something’s different,” he said about his treatment.Both patients noted they were happy with Dr. Sheinbaum’s approach.
“He’s a good doctor and also a good person,” said one.
“It was worth every penny I spent. I would do it again,” said the other.
Patients in the Riverview, Florida area may experience different results with facial rejuvenation, depending on their treatment plan. To understand more about facial rejuvenation, you are encouraged to visit Dr. Sheinbaum’s website.