Patient Videos

“I think they look very nice. Actually, I think they look very natural – nobody knows,” said one patient about her breast lift.
In Tampa, Florida, Dr. Shienbaum helps many women experience the look they desire. As a board certified surgeon, he has performed many breast lifts, augmentations, and enhancing procedures. His patients, after their lifts, decided to share their opinions about his work.
“I came to find Dr. Shienbaum through a couple of my best friends, and they had great results through the procedures. So, I came for my consultation,” said one patient.
“It was awesome. It was worth it, and it was well worth it,” said another. “Like I said, if I had to do it over again, I would. I really would. He is awesome.”
Whether patients were looking for a natural result, a method to reduce sagging, or increase volume, they turned to Dr. Shienbaum for his work.
“My results are great,” said one woman. “I feel great about myself. I have more self-esteem. I just feel really good about the whole thing.”Patients commented on their experience, Dr. Shienbaum’s work and how they liked their results.

Listening to more testimonies, learning more about breast lift procedures, and reading more about Dr. Shienbaum can help you decide if a breast lift fits your goals. You are encouraged to visit his website for more information.