Patient Videos

“It wasn’t painful– on a scale from 1-10, I was at a 3,” said one patient about her breast augmentation.
In Lakeland, Florida, patients choose breast augmentation procedures to enhance, enlarge, or reshape their breasts. Dr. Sheinbaum, as an experienced board certified surgeon, uses proven techniques to perform these procedures.
“It makes a total difference about how you feel about yourself,” one patient said about their procedure. “It’s not about doing it for anybody else, it’s about how it makes you feel within yourself. Don’t wait,” she advised. “You’ll feel more feminine; your clothes will feel better.”
Many patients noted what they like about Dr. Sheinbaum’s approach and his personality.
“I enjoyed the staff,” said another patient. “The doctor was very friendly. There were no surprises. The office was very professional. [Dr. Sheinbaum] keeps in contact with you.”
“I wanted to look for someone who was doing it for a long time,” another said about her consultation. “He gave me a lot of information.”
“He’s talented,” said another. “His whole nature, how he looks and talks to you, is important. He’s just so nice. A very soothing presence about him. I’m happy with the work. I feel comfortable recommending him.”
Dr. Shienbaum’s 30 years of experience and board certification makes him a notable surgeon in the Tampa Bay, Brandon, and Lakeland, Florida areas.